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Are you an immigration aspirant?

Are you in search of a career growth? Are you seeking for a better and quality life style? Well the answer to all of your questions remains the same, which is your need to migrate. However, it is a difficult to undertake the decision of migration as it requires one to leave their homeland behind them and many relations, which is indeed an unpleasant task. But what lies ahead of you is only a glorious and bright future after your migration to your destined country of choice. Although there are a lot of potential things that you can do when you travel abroad, emigrating abroad is in itself a very complex process. The requirement is that, one need to go through a string of legal and complex procedures, that are time consuming and very cumbersome. Apart from the legal proceedings there are many dimensions in which you have to prepare for a proper and convenient migration.

As per a survey, most of the individuals who filed a migration application individually without consulting any migration firm, their applications were rejected because they weren’t correctly filed. As of now you must have come to acknowledge the importance of immigration agencies in facilitation of the migration process. If you don’t want to become a victim of such circumstances, when your application is rejected then you should definitely consider consulting Immigration Overseas, which is a trusted name in the immigration domain. Immigration Overseas has emerged as the most trusted name in valuing customer’s concerns and providing them with timely solutions.

Our Key Assets

At Immigration Overseas we have the efficient teams of legal experts and top immigration consultants who have experience of more than 22 years in the migration domain. They work on the ethics of hundred percent customer satisfactions and provide a quality immigration services to them. They are always up-to-date on all the latest migration laws in the country, and to every individual application they give significant importance in order to avoid its rejection. The knowledge about the latest policy changes in different countries, like widening of skills base for allowing more immigration for the economic development of the country.

Our team at Immigration Overseas sees to it that they offer world-class services at the most competitive and reasonable rates. Transparency is what we believe in, in all our transactions with our clients. We always try to incorporate new innovative strategies in our methodologies, for a quick redressal of our customer’s issues.


Residency: This is the kind of visa which enables an individual to stay in a foreign nation for the longest period of time. Even after his term of the visa has expired, he is entitled to apply for residing in that country. Furthermore, he can also apply for citizenship. Immigration Overseas operates mostly in this niche market of permanent residency.

Permit: Work permit visa is the visa which enables one to work in the foreign nation for which they have applied. Without a work permit you are not entitled to work in any other foreign nation other than your own nation.

Sponsorship Visa: In a sponsorship visa, the person who is willing to migrate should be sponsored by a person who can sponsor him on several backgrounds.

Business Visa:Whenever any person wants to conduct financial dealings in any country he is granted business visa. If one needs to attend meetings or training, sign contracts or any such activity then he is required to have a business visa.

Spouse/ Dependent Visa: Spouse Visa or Dependent Visa is the type of visas in which the settled migrant can act as a sponsor and call the willing person to his new country. Mostly children, partners and elderly dependent relatives are the beneficiaries of this visa category. Child visa and family visa also falls under this category.

Marriage/ Fiancé Visa: If you have to marry out of the country to any person and want to bring him to the new nation then you can do so with the help of Marriage/ Fiancé Visa.


Orientation sessions are confrontational sessions where you will be made aware about the circumstances that you will be facing when abroad. You will be guided about the transportation system, cheap accommodations, places or hang out, second hand book shops, good and affordable restaurants, and many moiré such types of specialized migration services and information are provided to you.


Documentation: Your visa application can be denied approval, if it is insufficient in documents. At Immigration Overseas we have a separate team whose sole objective is to check your application for any missing part in the documentation process. Otherwise, the visa application procedure becomes lengthy or may be rejected, eventually.

Resume-Writing-Services: If you applying for an overseas job then there is no denying the fact that you need an outstanding resume. With our resume writing services you will get the resume which will be at par with the international standards, furthermore, it will help you in making a remarkable expression.

Business Plan: Your business plan that what you are going to do in the foreign nation should be very effective and point worthy so that your application doesn’t get rejected and is instead approved in a really short time. At Immigration Overseas an excellent business plan would be prepared for you by our business specialists and experts.

Post Landing Assistance: Even after you have landed in your destined country, we will not leave you on your own. Further guidance and assistance will be provided to you in the form of services like airport pickup, pre arranged accommodation, assistance in job search and many others.


At Immigration Overseas you will be exposed to our Employment Readiness Course (ERC), which is effectual in developing a specific skill set in our customers. This course will get you accustomed with the work culture that you will be facing in the new country. At the end of the course you will be equipped with skills that will help you, for making a place for yourself in the global job market. You will be exposed to our Employment Readiness Course, long before your full and final migration date.


A Visa Assessment of your profile will be done at Immigration Overseas. This will help us decide the prospects of success of your profile for migration. Our unique visa assessment is the reason for our high success ratio. If your profile does not match with certain criteria’s set by us, then your profile would not be taken into further consideration. If you want to Apply for visa assessment then you can do it anytime without paying any charges.


Our company being a reputed name in the migration domain and has been accredited by several government regulatory authorities. Migrants Agents Registration Authority (MARA), Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) & Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) are few of these government regulatory authorities. These affiliations are only given to any agency after they have proven their worth in this domain and that is a reason enough to trust us to serve your emigration needs. We have a record success rate of 99.2 percent which is a testimony to the fact that we provide our customers with valuable immigration expert services and assistance. We are here for a convenient and quick immigration procedure. A chance is what we deserve and a better life is expected out of this opportunity.


The countries of operation for us are Australia, Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Dubai, Germany, Hong-Kong, Kuwait, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherland, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Schengen, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, UAE, UK and USA. is an online portal of Immigration Overseas. The customer can file enquiries through this online application and have the queries answered through email and then arrange for a face to face interview, with the expert immigrations consultants.

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