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Australia-A superficial glance


Mainland Australia, the world’s largest island and the smallest continent, spreads over a total area of 7.69 million square kilometers. Surrounded by ocean, this ‘island continent’ is the only continent, which is governed as a country

Australian Government-

Since 1 January 1901, Australia has been a country with a single national government. The country is further divided into states and territories that are governed by their own state government. At a superficial glance, the country has three levels of government comprising of the federal Australian Government, the governing body of the 6 states, 2 territories, and approximately 700 local authorities. The country is a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom as its head of state. The Queen appoints the Governor-General of Australia as her representatives with the consent of the elected Australian Government, and then elected Governor-General further appoints minister by consulting Prime Minister.

The structure of the Australian Government System stands tall on the grounds of the liberal democratic tradition, such as religious tolerance and freedom of speech and association.


The current population of the country is almost 23 million people. Australia has one of the most urbanized populations in the world; nearly 80 percent of residents living within 100 kilometers of the coastline.


Canberra is the national capital of the country, it is also the center of government. It is the home of institutions of national value, including Australian Parliament and High Court of Australia.

Multicultural Society of Australia

It is not wrong to say that the Australian society is an amalgamation of different ideologies. Being a home of immigrants from every nook and cranny of the world, the society is more like a rainbow of different cultural, linguistic, ethnic and religious values.


The most commonly practiced religion in Australia is Christianity. People from different countries are free to follow their religion and values.

Education System

The country is globally regarded for its excellent education system. Its seven universities have consistently ranked in the top 100 universities of the world. The universities of Australia are highly regarded for their world-facilities and for providing great room for student growth.


With outstanding landscape scenic beauty and exclusive wildlife, Australia is nothing but a paradise for tourists. The country is blessed with the great barrier reef, which is the world’s largest single living organism structure. The rugged beauty of mountains, pristine coastlines and wildlife have always been a great center of attraction.