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Canada is a developed North American country that consists of 10 provinces and three territories. The name Canada originally came from the word “Kanata” which means “villager” and this word belongs to the First Nations world. It is among the wealthiest nations of the world, and has the eight ranking under the category of per capita income. Canada is a member of several international organizations like the G7, G20, G8, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, North American Free Trade Agreement, NATO, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Commonwealth of Nations, World Trade Organization, Francophonie, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Organization of American States, and the United Nations. Strategically Canada has huge oil reserves, which accounts for the incessant wealth of the nation, and its positioning on the globe, being surrounded by three oceans, also adds to this factor.

For about a million years Canada was inhabited by its Aboriginal peoples, until the British and the French Colonies settled in the later 15th century. Canada was established on July 1, 1867. The two official languages spoken in Canada are French and English. People migrating to Quebec are bound to know French, as it is a prerequisite for migration to Quebec, a part of Canada. Being an environmentally conscious nation, it keeps its surroundings clean that accounts for clean living. And in general the life expectancy of a Canada is known to be 76.5 years. Canada has earned high marks in life expectancy, access education and lower crime and violence rates. There are about 2 million lakes in Canada. Canadians boast about their multicultural heritage, with the aboriginal people also living in peace and harmony. The symbol is Maple leaf. Another symbol is the beaver, which stands for hard work.


People migrate to Canada every year with lots of dreams and aspirations. The society is based on the equality and diversity and respect for all, including women, men, children and seniors. And indeed, all of their dreams and aspirations come true. Every year the Canadian government releases various promotional offers to facilitate migration to the country, so that they can help in strengthening their economy. The life standards, culture, the work environment, social freedoms, all these things that Canada offers are reasons enough to move to Canada for the taste of a better life, offering great business opportunities as well and thus creating high demand for a business visa for Canada. But immigration, as easy it might sound isn’t an easy process, until you are under the guidance of immigration experts. There are several complexities that are to be dealt with in order for a proper migration to Canada or any other country. You need to undergo various legal formalities, which, if done so individually can either take lots of time or you may also get it wrong. But when you are with immigration experts and Canada immigration consultant then you can avoid all the pains and enjoy the whole journey.

Our team of legal experts and experienced counselors has been in the immigration domain for many years. Our client feedbacks have consistently been in affirmative, and thus have added to our reputation.

Educating prospects in Canada for students of all ages are very bright. The accolades that the Canadian schools, universities and other educational institutes have received are numerous. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Program for International Student Assessment has ranked their elementary and secondary level education students among the top five academic achievers in the world. Four of their universities to have been honored with a top 100 ranking in the ARWU Shanghai Ranking, while in their top 500, 22 universities have taken place. Their universities and other educational institutions have taken several other prestigious accolades too, that have raised their country’s name.

In order to study in Canada one need to acquire a student’s visa. And before that you need to get a letter of acceptance from the institute from where you want to study. You can do so by applying it. There is also an option of doing a part time job besides your study. For acquiring a student’s visa to you have to undergo various legal formalities and proceedings. Here at Immigration Overseas we can help you in acquiring a student’s visa and other Canada immigration service as well, that will facilitate your whole journey to a new country.


Often people aren’t able to find the right job as per their skill set in their respective country. So the best alternative option for them is to look for a career abroad. If one has the matching skill set as per labor market demands in Canada, they one may qualify for the for a permanent resident status in Canada. Being a country with excellent economic health, it always is in demand for skilled and hardworking people. People living in the underdeveloped country with excellent skills, have the potential to earn lots more in Canada, than what they earn in their country. A more prominent aspect of working in Canada, is that you can apply for permanent residency too, giving you the benefit of dual citizenship. The perks of being a citizen are many, and being a dual citizen, you will be enjoying them. Every year there are thousands of foreign workers for Canada immigration who can achieve a permanent residency status.

Being an international student too, you can go for jobs in foreign nations provided you have all the necessities. You need to have a work permit in case you go for an off campus job, while you may not be required for a work permit if you go for a job on campus. Also, there is an option that spouses/common – law partners of overseas students are allowed to work while their partners are studying in Canada. Working in Canada will be an amazing experience as you will be exposed to international standards in various industries. The province of Qubec has its own procedure for skilled workers separate from the other federal provinces. Whatever, be the type of Canadian immigration, the migrant must fulfill the basic requirements of entering Canada.

Immigration Overseas is here to provide you with work permits for Canada and other documents at reasonable prices and in convenient time.


Canada is the second largest country in the world which implies that it must be having several spectacular tourist spots to enjoy. It contains some of the rarest and diverse wildlife species like the polar bear, the beaver (which by the way is its national animal along with the Canadian horse), killer whales and many others. If you are in Canada then there is no way that you can overlook its amazing beauty. With a whole many places to visit Canada today has the largest migrants share in the tourism category.

Some of the places that you should definitely visit while in Canada are like:

Lake Louise in Alberta, the astonishing view of the Canadian Rockies of this lake is really breathtaking. Montreal in Quebec is a modern day city marvel with some prehistoric buildings, and some modern skyscrapers, a few French boutiques for shopping and some of the best restaurants in the world, you won’t want to be sitting at home when there is so much to do. Witness the true spectacle of nature with your loved ones at The Niagara Falls in Ontario, which is considered to be the most romantic place in the world and the most popular tourist place in Canada. Banff National Park is the next best tourist attraction. The third major attraction is the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia. Next, in the list is the historic and ancient Qubec city. Have you ever seen natural colorful lights in the night sky lighting it up throughout the night, Churchill in Manitoba is the place where you can view these Aurora Borealis commonly known as the Northern lights. With numerous other places to visit, Canada is bound to amaze you at every step. Another place of tourist interest is the Nova Scotia’s Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse. Another is the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. Other tourist places of interest are Baffin Island, Klondike Historic site,

For being able to visit Canada for tourism purposes, you need to have a visitor visa. We will help you in acquiring a visitor visa and other visas at reasonable prices.


The healthcare system in Canada is publicly funded. The health care system is based on the needs of the citizens and not on their ability to pay for the insurance. The health care services that are rendered in Canada is of world class, and at convenient costs. Once you become a permanent citizen of Canada, you become eligible for health insurance. The health insurance system of Canada is consistent in responding to people’s health care issues, regardless of their ability to pay for their treatment. The health care insurance services are different in different provinces and territories. The immigrant needs to claim for the health care card from the provinces and territories, While, waiting for the actual health care card, the immigrant can apply for a temporary private health insurance coverage. The health insurance card once issued should not be shared by any other person.

Here at Immigration Overseas, we provide you with all the legal assistance, counseling and several other services that will assist you in immigration to Canada. Our enterprise has been accredited by several institutes like the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA), the Migrants Agents Registration Authority (MARA) & Canada immigration Consultants under Regulatory Council (ICCRC); which we have acquired by our rigorous consistent efforts in the direction of customer satisfaction. Apart from Canada, we also cater to many different parts of the world with our stronghold being in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Our clients have always been pleased with our services, but a few of our exclusive services have really made a mark in the industry. We take care of airport pickup, help in opening a Bank Account, subsidized rooms, Credit Card, Government Card, getting insurance for our clients, Driving License, finding the right education institutes.


If you wish to opt for Canada immigration from India, you need to apply for a type of visa. The types of visas available for Canada are as follows:

Visitor Visa:There are two types of visitor visas- single and multiple entries. The visitor visa is a temporary resident visa. Both the above two types of visa are for fixed tenure, expiring after a fixed interval of time. A single entry visa is for visiting Canada, only once. The single entry visa allows you to come to Canada, only for once, and then a new visa is required for a reentry to the country, other than you are travelling to U.S, St. Pierre and Miquelon. If the visa is still valid and you are travelling to any of these regions, you can still reenter Canada. The multiple entry visas are for a longer period of time for a ten year period or one month before the expiry of the visa, for a period of six months, at a time. There is another category called transit visa, when you need to stay for 48 hours or less, in Canada, on your way to another Country.

Student Visa: The study permit is a type of a visa for Canada is for an international student, who is not a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. Before, you can apply for the study permit, you need to apply to the education institutions in Canada and get a formal letter of approval from them, which exhibit the confirmation of acceptance from them.

Work Permit: A temporary work permit is possible for foreign temporary worker, to enter Canada. There should be a job offer from an employer in Canada and a temporary work permit from the Citizenship and Canada immigration. Additionally, some require a temporary resident visa for Canada. The names of your spouse or partner and dependent children can also be included in the same application.

Permanent resident visa: It is offered to highly skilled foreign workers, who want to settle and work in Canada, for a longer of time. The foreign national should be able to stay in Canada for a period of three out of four years in Canada, before becoming a permanent resident.

Family Sponsorship Program: Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor a spouse or legal partners or dependent children to Canada, so that they can apply for permanent residence. Canada understands the importance of family for its citizens and permanent residents.

Live In Caregiver Visa: This type of visa is in the position of a caregiver for the disabled, old people or children. They should be qualified to serve the people in the private homes, without any sort supervision of the work. This type of visa has a complicated set of procedures, with a high school diploma, knowledge languages like English or French and of course work experience. Contracts are to be written and signed by your future employer and signed by both of you.

Another visa category can be Quebec-selected Skilled Worker Program (QSWP): Quebec is the largest province in Canada, needing thousands of skilled workers for different professions and trades. You also need adequate knowledge in French, French is the dominant knowledge needed in Quebec. If one can gather enough points from the application, then the provincial government of Quebec can give you a nod and you can apply to the National Government of India for a permanent resident visa. is an online portal of Immigration Overseas. For further information you can refer the parent site