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In Denmark today a large portion of its workforce is categorized under the retirement age. So in the coming years, the Danes are going to face a major shortage of skilled workers. This shortage is going to be basically witnessed in the departments like civil engineering, IT professionals, in the communications department, health care, and several other such departments. Denmark being a liberal nation supports the Egalitarian society system, which is based on the principles of equal rights and equal opportunities to all men and women.

The life standards of those residing in Denmark are particularly high. Better health care systems, better educational facilities, better government facilities and liberal lives are all perks of being in the Danish country. As per the GINI index of 1997, Denmark had the lowest income inequality in the world. As per many surveys conducted by world agencies, Denmark is the happiest place to live in.

Denmark immigration is made possible by Immigration Overseas, as we assist aspirants in acquiring Danish Green Card / Denmark Green Card. Under the Danish Green Card / Denmark Green Card scheme, you are allowed to live and work in Denmark provided that your score is enough of the criteria such as language skills, age, education and work experience. Under the points system if you are able to score a minimum of 100 points, then you are eligible to apply for a residence permit, which is valid for a certain period of time. It also enables you to bring your immediate family along. If one wants to stay for a longer duration than there is a provision for that too. One can apply for the Danish Nationality if he/ she have stayed in Denmark for a period of at least 9 years. One of the best points of Danish nationality is that each and every citizen is entitled for the social security system. One of the key objectives of the Danish society is to maintain a sustainable society. The goal is to achieve reliance on renewable energy by 2050. Most of the energy originates from wind turbines and Denmark is one of the world leaders in the area of technology.


Denmark is a Scandinavian country with its city being Copenhagen. It is a group of 443 islands, of which 76 are inhabited. Jutland constituting of a large number of islands is the main part of Denmark. The two major islands Zealand and Funen are also incorporated in Jutland. The Monarchy in Denmark dates back to more than 1000 years. The government in Denmark is a constitutional monarchy, in which the head of the state is Queen Margrethe II, but the royalty has been constrained to ceremonial power to function and gatherings only. The Danish crown is the oldest uninterrupted monarchy in the whole of Europe. The first ruler being Gorm the Old who ruled in 934 C.E. The structure of the political party is a multi-party system. With a population of just 5.5 million, Denmark is one of the most livable countries in the world. Its coastlines are one of the largest in Europe.

Denmark is a liberal country which gives respect to all religion and even supports same sex unions. Great attention is paid to tradition and festivals. The main prominent religions prevalent in Denmark are Protestant, Roman Catholicism, Judaism, the Reformer Church and Islam. Dyrehavsbakken, the world’s oldest amusement park, which is operational till now, has its roots in the late 16th century. At that time too, people and performers from all over the Europe came to visit it. The Danish people have also achieved many accolades like Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish fairytale writer is a renowned writer for his stories like “The Little Mermaid”, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and “The Ugly Duckling”. The famous Sydney Opera House, which has been recognized as a world heritage site was designed by Dane Jørn Utzon.

The economy in Denmark is a mixed economy, which is constantly developing and flourishing. In terms of GDP (PPP) per capital Denmark ranks on the 21st place, while on the nominal GDP per capita it ranks on the 10th place. Today Denmark is one of the cleanest cities on earth because of the high number of people choosing the bicycle as a mode of transportation. Even belonging to a very wealthy nation most of Danish people choose a cycle than car or bikes. They relate cycling with the symbol of health and style. Denmark is associated with architecture and furniture design. But, now the country is also known for its food, film and sports.


Amid the education hotspot destinations like USA, UK, Australia and Canada, a new name has risen to the podium which is Denmark. Being an unconventional choice Denmark today has become a key player in the education domain in the Nordic region. One of the best reasons to study in Denmark is that they offer more than 500 programs and 1300 courses that are taught in English. Their educational system is highly innovative that incorporates new systems every year for the betterment of their students. Studying in Denmark will give your career a boost. From courses ranging from school level to PhD level they have courses in all streams.

Living in an international environment is in itself an advantage which helps many students in getting accustomed to international standards. Studying in Denmark is made possible by Immigration Overseas study visa to Denmark which helps in providing Denmark study visa. Also, you are open to the option of working while studying.


With a temperate climate the weather of Denmark is a bit mild. The reason behind its mild climate is the west wind from the seas surrounding Denmark. The summers are mildly hot while the winters are not extremely cold. Although the temperatures between day and night aren’t very extremely different, the winds can alter the temperatures significantly.

The coldest month being February, the minimum temperature range is about 00C (320F), while the warmest being July the temperature in this month can be expected to rise up to 170C (630F). As far as rain is concerned, it is observed on a year round basis.


Denmark, as said above is one of the happiest places on the earth. That follows for the people too who is working there. The prime focus of the Danish nation lays mainly on the security and safety aspect. The safety there can be measured from the fact that even the high ranking government officials can be found cycling on the roads.

Offering a high quality of life, the migrants working there are always content with the standard of life offered to them there. The Danish companies are known to offer good working cultures to their employees besides providing them with high tech technical equipments and other modern facilities. Denmark is good in design, architecture, farming, green technology and pharmaceuticals.

Working in Denmark requires you to obtain a work permit visa. In order to obtain a work permit visa, Immigration Overseas assists you with getting all the legal formalities and procedures done for you.


In every city of the world, there are some places that are the center of attraction. In Denmark too, there are many astonishing places, which are prominent tourism Denmark spots and thus draw huge amount of migrants to the country. If you are in Denmark then there are a lot of places that you can miss, try giving a visit to some of them which are listed below:

Copenhagen City: The heartthrob of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital unfolds numerous amazing church steeples. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then you will surely live giving a visit to the Copenhagen Zoo, which contains a diverse range of animals and tropical birds that makes for an amazing viewing. For a pleasant walk you can give a travel to Denmark, the Botanic Garden in Copenhagen, which is not only meant for botany students.

Hans Christian Andersen Museum: Hans Christian Andersen Museum is located in the Odsense city. The name of this museum is after the world renowned Danish poet, fairy tale writer and novelist. His tales for children are especially famous and can be found anywhere in the world.

Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde: being the main city in the island of Zealand, Roskilde museum of Viking Ships tells us a lot about the seafaring vessels and the types of ships that were used in the medieval and ancient ages.

Superkilen: It is a park in the Norrebo area of the city center of Copenhagen. It comprises of three areas-the Red Square, Black Market and the Green Park. There are bike lanes, which traverses the entire park. It exhibits the world within a small space like neon signs from Qatar and Russia, a sculpture of a bull from Spain and Palestine and bollards from Ghana.

Funen: It is the second largest island of Denmark. It is the garden island of Denmark. The city of Odense is the largest city in Funen, the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, one the best loved authors of fairy tales, all over the world and in Denmark.

Little Mermaid in Copenhagen: It is a statue in remembrance of the character created by Hans Christian Andersen and the most photographed and the most popular tourist place in Copenhagen.

Since migrating to Denmark for tourism purposes, you need to possess a tourist visa, which you will be able to obtain at Immigration Overseas. Our stronghold countries are Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Denmark, in which we are dealing more regularly. This has led us to an immense experience because of which we are today capable of handling any complexity in regards to immigration.

Immigration Overseas will assist you in achieving your Immigration to Denmark dream, with our quintessential services dedicated towards the goal of assuring client satisfaction. Our company has been accredited by reputed agencies like Bar Council of India (BCI), the Migrants Agents Registration Authority (MARA), Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) & Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Our expert teams of legal advisors and Denmark immigration consultants counselors have been handling migration cases for the past 22 years, along with providing Denmark immigration service that extends consistent results. We help in providing visas like permanent residency visa, spouse/ dependent visa, sponsorship visa, the student’s visa, travel visa, business visa, investor’s visa, and several others too.

With us, you will be exposed to our employment readiness course that works on developing interpersonal skills in an individual, that are effective in getting a job abroad. This program specifically targets a particular skill in that individual. Also, you will be given an exclusive orientation long before the start of your journey.


There are various types of visas for Denmark. Denmark is witnessing a shortfall in many areas as mentioned in the skills shortage list.

Work permit: There is a positive list of skills which are in shortage in Denmark. Foreign workers outside the European Union and European economic area/Switzerland can apply for the residence or work permits. This can be applied for if you have a job offer from a prospective Danish employer, with the occupation is included in the positive list. Sometimes, there is a requirement of a Danish authorization before applying for this type of residence permit. There should be an offer letter from the employer, with the salary expectations and conditions of employment. This salary and the employment conditions must be as per the Danish standards. The first requirement for the Danish residence or work permit is your qualification. A holder of a Danish residence permit based on family reunification and asylum or on humanitarian ground is automatically entitled to a work permit. Illegal ways of working in Denmark, without a work permit may lead to deportation or imprisonment or fine imposed to your employer. If the work offered is available from Denmark or EU/EEA, then the application will not be entertained. Similarly, for the unskilled workers' general skills cannot be offered employment like pizza boys, delivery persons or cleaners.

Short Stay Visas: This type of visa is issued by Denmark and are valid for other Schengen countries (Austria, Belgium, the Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, Lithuania, Poland, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain and Switzerland). A recent photo of good likeness and also documentation for the purpose of the stay must accompany the application.

Greencard scheme: This scheme is for highly skilled workers to work in Denmark. The persons who have completed qualifications as per the requirement of the positive list, will have easier access to the Danish labor market.

Student visa: In order to do studies in Denmark, if you are a citizen of outside the Nordic countries or from EU/EEA, you need to have a residence or work permit. You need to show your acceptance from an educational Institute to obtain the residence permit. The students need to enroll in higher education programs, basic and youth study programs and folk high schools.

Family Reunification: If you have close relatives in Denmark, you can apply for this type of visa. The spouses, registered and cohabiting partners can apply for a temporary stay and issued a permanent residence permit, on conditions of fulfillment of certain requirements. You are entitled to work when you are applying for the family reunion type of residence permit. is an online portal of Immigration Overseas. Refer parent site for further information.