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Work visa is a legalized document that allows the migrant to work in the migrating country. It is a stamped document that allows the migrants to enter the country and work in the country for a particular period of time. Working visas are often offered on temporary basis by the concerned authorities but can be renewed further.

Countries like Denmark, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are offering far reaching job opportunities for skilled workers attracting huge flow of migrants towards themselves. Doing job in Denmark is all about working in a prosperous economy that offers great growing opportunities to the migrants at every step. All the above listed countries are creating high demand of job visas that are opening broad gateway to the migrants all round the globe. Work visa of New Zealand Canada and Australia are thus attracting huge flow of migrants allowing them to avail the visa and migrate to their dream destination working and settling there.

There are few conditions under which the migrants get to avail visa for job of a country.

  • He/she has the right to work in the country based on nationality or having a partner in the destination country where he is looking out to work

  • The migrant has valid work permit to migrate and work in the country

  • He/she has temporary or permanent working visa based on skills, qualification and experience

There is often great confusion between work permit and visa for work, with many people treating both the visa categories as same. But these two visa categories are different from one another. If any migrant has work permit that does not gives the surety that he will get work visa to work in the country. Every country has varying visa availing rules and requirements of offering work visa to the migrants that depends on skills and demand that the country is looking for.


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