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ICCRC which elaborates to Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council is an organization that is appointed by the government of Canada to regulate the entire immigration scenario and often to safeguard the aspirant’s interests. Immigration is often a legal subject that thus needs good standing and representation at every step.

The working code of ICCRC is all about offering an honest immigration service duty dealing with great moral conduct, ethical approach, quality service approach, depth knowledge and careful consideration taking in account the migration aspiration of individuals. The members under ICCRC are said to be the authorized representatives offering great assistance to the migrants seeking immigration keeping an upper hand on the migration rules and regulations at each working step. Registered members under ICCRC quote a good migration standing, paying great attention to their migration representation at each step.


Migration Pool has immigration consultants under its working network who are registered under ICCRC and are thus qualifying towards offering concerned immigration service conduct to the clients’ under the organization. Our immigration visa consultants are honorable towards offering great migration service support to the clients’ concerning towards offering a vital immigration pathway.

As an authorized member under ICCRC, visa consultants under Migration pool are drawn with great ethical code of working conduct maintaining level headed service approach at each step.

  • They explain the clients’ every part of immigration related rules and regulations presenting their case in a more favorable manner.

  • They take up every case with full enthusiasm invoking all the required migration support that takes the case to the height of success.

  • Follows a clear communication approach and thus skillfully reach to the migration needs and demands of clients’.

  • Offer round the clock assistance to the clients’ offering effective solution in the life changing decision of clients’.

Migration Pool has all the immigration consultants registered under ICCRC and we are thus extending a very pivotal migration service approach extending high success rate at every step.

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