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Migration has modified the world in which we live in. Today the cultures of all the nations of the world are intermingled to an extent such that the native thinks of it as their own culture but instead it is a resulting unique blend of cultures that has made an identity of its own. The immigration rate in the last decade has seen a tremendous growth. Some may even term it as an exponential growth.

In the present scenario the generation has become more aware about the potential they possess and how they can utilize it to its maximum and get well rewarded for it too. People today migrate to different nations looking for jobs and a career which promises a better life, better salaries and healthy working conditions and free education for the children, coverage by health insurance. The students have also changed with the changing times and they have embraced the fact that the education offered in these institutes is recognized throughout the world. There are several institutes overseas which are classified as international institutes and they are often preferred by those who are migrating to that nation. Because of this reason, there is abundance of those migrating solely for studying purposes. A part-time job option is always given when someone immigrates with a student visa. This often leads to savings, which can be reutilized for your future endeavors.

A migration experience can add significantly to your character as a person, because when you are abroad you are open to a whole new section of personalities that are very different from what you are accustomed to confront. This global confrontational experience is very helpful for job seekers as it makes them flexible enough to adjust to the working conditions offered in many multinational companies. These multinational companies have branches in various nations, and hence they require their employees to serve where there is urgent need for their skills. The flexibility to adjust in any environment comes into play in such conditions.

Overseas Immigration

The option of Overseas Immigration has opened a window of opportunities to many of us. Job, education, travelling, there are many option for you to try overseas; you will only find it better in any of these dimensions.

The shortage of skilled laborers in developed nations is a very common issue that many of the developed nations are suffering from. Among those who apply for work permit visa preference is given to those who are skilled in a profession that is in requirement in the country in which they are applying. The overseas jobs are in almost all the domains which can know about, some of which are IT, oil and gas, automobile, architecture and many others. Work permit is a kind of visa that allows one to work in other country for which he has applied. The work permit is issued for a short period for around 2 to 3 years. After which either the person have to leave the company or he can apply for extending his permit. The overseas work experience even counts as a credibility in any person’s resume.

The education industry in the overseas countries often fascinates many young and bright minds to study in them, as they offer the best of the courses which are respected globally. The students after completion of their courses from such institutions are always in demand in the global industry. These institutes offer courses for all ages and all streams of education.

Every country has some of the very interesting locations that make for an astounding viewing; these are the tourist spots which attract swarm of people. Round the year, people visit these places viewing nature and its magnificent creations. Tourism is often a reason for why people want to go overseas. The natural reserves, the beaches, the sanctuaries, they have got lots to offer if you are a willing person. Adventure sporting, the thrill associated with these games is enough to drive people abroad. Mountain climbing, surfboarding, rafting, the potential of things to do abroad is unbounded.

Client Services

Here at Immigration Overseas we not only help you with complex legal formalities and but also provide you with guidance at each and every step of your migration. Besides the legal help you will also be provided with services that are specifically aimed at making your immigration experience with us comforting and memorable.

Client satisfaction is of prime importance at Immigration Overseas. For a satisfying experience we introduce our clients to our client services that are there to assist the immigration process of our clients and facilitate them in realizing their immigration dream. Some of our vital client services are pre-assessment, documentation, visa consultation, resume-writing services, business plan, and many others.

Study abroad

Studying in an international institute is a fortune that is open to a selected few only.
Immigration Overseas guides you through the maze of questions to find solutions best suited to your profile and / or parameters ensuring you choose the best career Path. Personal guidance to help choose courses that perfectly fit your Career or Personal Goals. For many students, meeting with a career counselor is the first step in the career development process. Once your academic program and career goals have been selected, you should work with the Career Center to begin putting your career plan into action through career development activities and career exploration. The Career Center can assist you with job and internship search strategies, applying for graduate school, developing a resume, building interview skills, and networking with professionals in your field.
Career counseling and testing are free of charge to any enrolled student. Alumni are eligible for career counseling during off-peak times of the year for a nominal fee to cover testing supplies. Anyone interested in career counseling can call Counseling Services at Immigration Overseas.

Pre and Post Landing

Immigration doesn’t just means that you have to take security clearances from the concerned government authorities, but it involves a lot of preparations in many directions. When you go abroad what amount of finances you must have in your account? How will travel abroad? Where will you reside on a temporary basis while your look for another one? There are indeed many questions that you need to solve before you further take any step in immigrating. But here at Immigration Overseas you don’t have to worry about even a single question mentioned above and several others like it.
The pre and post landing services that we offer are answers to many of your immigration related questions. Under these programs services like employment readiness course, ambulance membership, medical insurance, and airport pickup, setting up of mobile phone and opening up a bank account are offered. These services take care of many issues that are often neglected by the customer which they later regret. Some of these services are often exclusively offered by our firm only.

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