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In the Southwestern Pacific Ocean lays New Zealand. The country which has shaken the world by its development rate regardless of its size. Even being a small country New Zealand has accomplished such milestones in progress of its nations that it has left behind many other nations of the world. The living standards that are offered in New Zealand are very high and are better in many manners than any other country of the world. As per the Human Development Index, New Zealand falls on the 6th category. The New Zealand’s predominant language is English which is spoken by at least 98 percent of the whole population. The English spoken in New Zealand is almost similar to that spoken in Australia. New Zealand’s historical culture is basically constituted by the early British settlers and the Maori culture. But the current scenario has changed a little because of the large number of migrants moving into this country creating profound New Zealand immigration scenario.

New Zealand was the last place which the human beings inhabited. Because of which today New Zealand has the most diverse range of flora and fauna found in the world. Among its distinctive forms of wildlife the most predominant ones are the unique bird species. Large shares of tourists which visit New Zealand do so predominantly for bird watching. NZ, being a developed country has a prosperous economy which is comparable to those of the European countries. The large immigrant population in NZ today has significantly contributed to its culture and has given contribution to almost all spheres of life there. New Zealand is a country where one can balance business and pleasure. You can attain the highest standards of professional excellence and also within half an hour enjoying a hike or a walk to the sea beach.


Amongst the top study abroad destinations New Zealand is emerging as a dominant leader. For the past few years, New Zealand has only seen a growing rate of migrant students. The environment that their universities and schools provide is excellent and today it has some of the best universities and educational institutions in the world.

At the school level you can choose between state funded schools and private schools. The benefits of studying in the state funded schools are that you won’t have to pay for schooling in them except for a few minor costs for things like uniforms, books and other stationery. The cost of living in New Zealand added to the approximate tuition is comparatively lower than many nations of the world, without compromising on the standards of education and life. You are open to the do any part time job besides your study. Apart from the regular academic schedules you can also get access to short semester courses which are based on developing specific skills in an individual, summer semester courses which lasts from January to March is one such course.

Since immigrating to New Zealand and any other country, you need effective visa services. Immigration Overseas is one such firm that assures that their customers get all the necessities and other services to that are quintessential for the migration process.


Till the early 20th century, the Maori health care system was fully public until certain reforms were introduced that made the Maori health care system a mixed public – private system. Because of the large amount of subsidies that the government there gives to its residents New Zealanders enjoy health care at almost free charges or minimal charges. For migrants, they can also take benefit from their services, but at a certain cost that is comparatively low. There is also an option to go for medical insurance that would be specifically helpful for migrants in case they fall ill. Dental care services are provided free of cost to children until they are 18, after that everyone has to pay for it. Ambulance services that are generally operated by the community are free in most of the parts, which can be called by dialing 111.

With Immigration Overseas you will not need to worry about your health concerns as we provide you with vital medical insurances that are helpful to all migrants in case they fall ill or fall into any other unhealthy situations. Other than this we have other health care programs, too, like our ambulance membership.


New Zealand is the country that always welcomes skilled migrants who are experienced in their respective fields and have a good command over English as it is a prerequisite for working in that country. Working in the Maori country is a dream comes true, because they offer excellent living standards along with better working conditions. There are many diverse fields in New Zealand where you can secure a job like engineering, biotechnology, IT, healthcare, creative industries, film industry and many others like tourism and hospitality.

Like any other European country, New Zealand offers the mainstream jobs which can be found in any developed nation besides which New Zealand immigration also promises to offer some unconventional seasonal jobs like fruit picking, fruit packing, and such other job that don’t require any previous experience and are easy money jobs. These jobs are available for almost all parts of the year and you have to search for the season specific job in that case.

Because of all these factors today, New Zealand is one of the countries where thousands of immigrants from Latin America, Asia and the pacific islands arrive every year. Immigration to New Zealand for a better career you need to acquire certain visas like a work permit. These visas are given only after a skill evaluation and some other legal formalities. The workers and the resident visas are easier to obtain and are available for those whose qualification and experience is in the skills shortage list. Here at Immigration Overseas we assist in the swift execution of all the processes in relation to immigration and obtaining the right type of visa and New Zealand immigration services, even if you do not fall in the skills list.


Today New Zealand is rated as one of the best holiday destinations in the world because of green environs, natural Bioscope sceneries and enthralling adventure. From beautiful lakes to mighty mountains New Zealand has it all. Some of its major New Zealand tourism attractions are like:

Milford Sounds: This tourist spot has spectacular natural features with amazing visual cues. Boat cruises can give the experiences on the sound. It was described by Rudyard Kipling as one of the eight wonders of the world. One can experience the breathtaking experience at any weather condition.

Blue Lakes: Blue Lakes in Rotorua in the North Island is a cool place to fall in love with. With just a 10 minutes drive from the Rotorua town, it isn’t far reaching. Hear the heart moving love story of Tutanekai and Hinemoa, the story that belongs to the Maori culture.

Lake Tekapo: Based on the South Island is a milestone of beauty in the form of Lake Tekapo. It is a silent place with an amazing view of the night sky. So park along and take as many pictures as you want.

Waihi Beach and Mount Maunganui, Bay Of Plenty: Along with the Bay of Plenty lies Waihi Beach, this is quite a good spot for a family outing and holidaying. Its beautiful parking spots are a must see. A bit far from Waihi Beach lays Mount Maunganui which is filled with diverse wildlife, white sands and an astonishing view of nature.

Abel Tasman National Park: Despite being the smallest national park, Abel Tasman National Park packs in whole lots of adventure. Experience the pleasure of both beach life and physical exertion at this park. You can explore this park either by cruise boat, water taxi, sailing catamaran or sea kayak.

Fiordland National Park: This encompasses the hills, mountains, fiords. The variety of habitats are supportive of a wide range of flora and fauna. The Takahe, a flightless bird was thought to be extinct and rediscovered in this region. This was also the final refuge for the flightless parrot, the Kakapo. Human activity is limited in this natural park.

Lake Wakatipu: It is the third largest lake in New Zealand and is shaped in the form of a lightning bolt. This offers trout-fishing, all throughout the year. Cruising, through a paddle steamer can be an option to appreciate the alpine scenery.

Wellington Zoo: It is home for 500 animals and 100 species. Some of the critically endangered species are there like the Sumatran Tiger, Cotton Top Tamarin. The species which belongs to the unique variety are Australian Pelican, Malayan Sun Bear, White-cheeked Gibbon.

Franz Joseph Glacier: This is the awesome river of ice. One can also get guided ice walk or a Heli-hike to see the different points. Aerial sightseeing can be another option. The nearby Lake Mapourika has kayaks for riding.

Whanganui River: Canoe and Raft adventures are possible on the Whanganui River. This is or all ages, children to parents. The canoe service is guided by professionals with rich knowledge of the local flora and fauna and also about the history of the Whanganui River.

At the end of your journey there would surely be countless memories that would bind you forever with New Zealand. Tourist visa is what you would be required for all this to happen. Immigration overseas can help you with that too.

Providing effectual services since 2003 Immigration Overseas has been consistently dedicated itself towards the goal of client satisfaction. We are accredited by esteemed agencies like Migrants Agents Registration Authority (MARA), Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) & Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). To get a taste of our services, try our unique visa eligibility assessment program and that too without paying any charges under the complete guidance of our New Zealand immigration consultant.

Our visa services are effective in providing Visa for New Zealand like permanent residency, work permit visa, spouse/ dependant visa, student visa, investor visa, marriage/ fiancée visa, business visa and travel visa. We go through each and every process of legal documentation and in the end all the legal formalities have been taken care of by us. Our legal advisors see to it that not even a single legal procedure has been skipped that might become a trouble for you in future. Assistance will be provided to you long before from the commencement of your journey till you’re fully settled in your destination country. After you have landed in your new country, you will be given pickup service which will be taking you to your pre- arranged accommodation. Then you would be assisted in opening up a bank account, driving license, in getting a permanent membership card, and a health card also. If you are with your children then we will help in locating the best school for your children, which will be of good repute and within your reach. Acclimatize to your new lifestyle with our advanced orientation programs before you reach the new country.


The NZ immigration policies are based on boosting the economic growth of the country. If one has the skills, experience or funds, lacking the local market, you are advised for a visa application. New Zealand offers a range of services for visa application. The easiest possible visa option is not always the right one for you. One can get more details about citizenship from the department of Internal Affairs. The categories of visa fall under the following:

  • Visas to work: This area is concerned for those people with special skills or if your area of expertise falls in the skills shortage demand list for New Zealand. This country can provide great job related opportunities. There are resident visas for skilled migrants and a residence from work type. The former is for a longer period of time and the latter for a period of 24 months, before applying residence visa. There are temporary visas as well. These are differentiated into two categories – the New Zealand work permit for skilled migrants getting a job from an accredited employer. Working holiday visa is for younger students who can work, in the age group of 18-30 and can work for 12 or 23 months, if you are from the U.K.

  • Visas to study: This type is needed, if you want to study for a period of time more than three months duration. This requires an offer from an educational institute in New Zealand and approved by the New Zealand Qualifications authorities. If the age is under 18 years, there should a guarantee from a person or educational institute about a suitable accommodation. Enough funds for the duration of stay for your studies and a return plane ticket or funds to buy one. You need a visitor visa, if the duration of your studies is less than three months. For courses more than 12 months, what is needed are x-ray and medical certificates and a character certificate for people aged more than 17. There are some requirements for work after studies. The dependent children of Temporary work visa holders require student visas for admission to schools and institutions.

  • Visas to invest: If there is a combination of skills and the available capital. There are three categories of immigration under this. The Investor/Investor Plus category is to invest some capital in New Zealand. If the need is to purchase or establish a business in New Zealand, then this is the visa type. It can be a business visa for a long period of time, followed by an Entrepreneur or Entrepreneur Plus categories. Another category can be a combination of investment and resident variety.