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Why immigrate?

Migration is the route to live the life one wants to live. People emigrate for many reasons, predominantly for the purposes of studying, travelling, working, residing, for business transactions and various other reasons. In the education domain, the career oriented courses that are offered in international educational institutions are more reputed and competitive internationally.

Education is the domain associated with a large section of the immigrant population. For higher studies and for general education too people are preferring places like USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. If you are a student from such an internationally acclaimed institute then you would generally be preferred all around the globe. The degrees and diplomas which you will acquire after the completion of your course would add a huge improvement to your profile. As far as jobs are concerned, if you have worked in overseas job, then you would probably know the difference. The people who work abroad are comparatively exposed to better working conditions. The work culture which is offered in overseas jobs is first-rate and they also take proper care of their employees. A better paid job is what you can certainly expect when you are signed for an overseas job. Travelling and seeing the world is something that everyone loves. Overseas you can find some of the best tourist’s paradises, which are full with exotic varieties of flora and fauna which makes for an amazing viewing. The stunning and natural landscapes of countries like Australia, New Zealand can provide you with a whole lot of serenity and relaxation, after your day’s work. The scenario of the arts field like aboriginal art, music, film, theatre, and opera as in Australia can also be recreational for you. Canada, can offer a plethora of job opportunities.

Migration today has become the hope to many who want to change their life for good. A few years back migration would seem as an unachievable task. Immigration to different nation was thought to be a privilege of only the high class strata of the society. But in the present times the scenario has changed a lot. Which was thought to be the privilege of few is now enjoyed by many. Immigration has become easier because of immigration agencies that have found their existence in the problems that general public faces when they are exposed to the complex immigration rules. These firms specialize in dealing with complicated emigration laws which if handled individually can be strenuous and will result in failure of your migration application.

What is Immigration Overseas?

Immigration Overseas is the panacea to all your migration woes, which is an immigration lawyers firm, established in 2003 with a view to facilitate the laborious process of immigration for a quick and convenient emigration. Our firm is selflessly assisting our clients with services that redress the client’s issues. The skilled team of lawyers and immigration consultants who are working at Immigration Overseas is dedicated towards the goal of speedy migration experience for their clients and they work on the ethics of client first, integrity, maintaining transparency with the client, always being open to new strategic innovation in there working methods, consistently giving good performance, and most importantly teamwork. Our staff team of immigration consultants in India has been working in the immigration domain from the past 22 years and is always aware about all the alterations and modifications in emigration laws.

There are several types of visa services which are provided by us a few of them are student’s visa, sponsorship visa, business visa, spouse/ dependent visa, marriage/ fiancée visa, permanent residency visa and work permit. Many aspirants who are willing to get an overseas job are satisfied being a part of Immigration Overseas. The Employment Readiness Course that we offer is specifically aimed at preparing the aspirant with a particular skill set that will help them in getting an overseas job. Under our Employment Readiness Course we acclimatize the candidate with work environments that they will be exposed to overseas. We teach them work ethics and bring them at par with the international standards of strict code of conducts.

What we offer?

When you are with Immigration Overseas you will be ushered upon with several exclusive services that are designed to make you feel comfortable and at the same time these services will carry out your emigration. A quick view into some of our quintessential immigration consultancy services has been presented below:

Free Visa Assessment: A visa assessment is one of our flagship program which help in evaluating the prospects of the profile of our clients, that if they will be accepted or not. This visa assessment is conducted free of cost and it can be taken at absolutely anytime.

Accommodation: At Immigration Overseas you will allotted a temporary accommodation for a period of 10 days, so that in the mean time you can search for an alternative solution for residing in the new country. Help would be provided to you for searching a permanent residence (keeping in mind your financial limits and personal needs on priority) in the meantime of these ten days.

Airport Pickup: When you will arrive at your destined country you will be not left alone but we will welcome you up with our special escorting services which will escort you to your pre-arranged accommodation.

Bank loan assistance: Assistance will be provided to you in order to secure an educational bank loan. Our teams are in contact with some of the renowned nationalized and private banks who provide loans at reasonably low interest rates. From the start to end when you secure the bank loan assistance will be provided to you. We will also take care of the documentation part for you.

Public transport: For one whole week you will not have to worry about your travelling concerns as will be providing you with a public transport facility.

Bank Account: It’s hard getting to open a bank account in a foreign nation left alone the fact that it is hard to get a bank account open anywhere. Our best immigration consultants will guide you through all the documentation part for opening the bank account.

Mobile Phone Set: We also help our clients when they are in their new foreign nation as we assist them in setting up a mobile account. Under this service we provide the client with a SIM card which is filled with credits for you. We maintain that we only get the best value deals for you.

Ambulance Membership:We take care of the health concerns of our clients by providing them with our exclusive Ambulance Membership program that ensures the safety of the client in the overseas country.

Medical Insurance: A medical insurance is really essential when you’re moving to a different country. It acts as tension reliever because when you are covered medically then you won’t have to worry about your health concerns.

Job Search: Finding an overseas job is a difficult task. Our esteemed team will help you in finding an overseas job in relation to your particular skill set, preferably well accepted in the skills shortage list.

Exclusive Orientation: An orientation session is a really important thing as it gets you accustomed to the environment you are going to face in the overseas country. Information will be provided to you about your new country. In this exclusive orientation session you will be made aware about affordable transportation solution, cheap eating places, and shops with reasonable prices, free student membership and several other things that will come in handy when you are in the overseas country.

Why trust us?

Ours being an established firm has been accredited with many affiliations from several government regulatory authorities. Migrants Agents Registration Authority (MARA), Migration Institute of Australia (MIA), Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) & Bar Council of India (BCI) and some of the authorities with which our enterprise has been affiliated. The list of our clients who have successfully settled abroad is long enough and growing by each and every day. The success rate which we attain at Immigration Overseas is a whopping 99.2 percent. We believe that transparency is a client’s right which he shouldn’t be devoid off, and thus we maintain transparency in all our transactions.

What you need to do?

When you have trusted Immigration Overseas as your immigration counselors then all you need to do is relax and plan other things like shopping and do just some other comforting activities as all the hectic work will be taken care of by us. At our firm specialized treatment will be given to all of our clients. A file number approach for every client is totally avoided by our team, and we try to give them the most satisfying treatment.

What is Migration Pool?

Migration Pool is an online portal for Immigration Overseas, which is the parent site. For any other information or questioning you can also refer to our home site at . Here at Migration Pool too we have maintained to address your every query but in case you can’t find what you are looking for then please contact us either directly from Migration Pool or via Immigration Overseas.

Which countries we operate in?

Australia, Canada, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Brazil, Denmark, China, Dubai, Schengen, Germany, Kuwait, Hong-Kong, Singapore, India, Italy, Indonesia, UK, Ireland, Japan, Netherland, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, UAE and USA are the countries, we operate in.

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