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Privacy Policy

The website of Migration Pool is designed in such a way that you can browse the website freely for any information without revealing any personal data linked with organization. Our privacy policy is made to protect the website.

We have outlines certain policies that include:

  • Migration Pool is responsible for the personal information. We safeguard the entire information treating the information as private individual enabling monitored use of the information as and when required.

  • All the information that we extend in the visa information is disclosed to reasonable person under appropriate circumstances ensuring confidentiality.

  • The firm ensures full accountability about all the personal information ensuring it disclosed in an understandable manner.

  • We collect the personal information in a lawful manner considering the appropriate circumstances.

  • We ensure that all the personal information are accurate, up-to-date and complete fulfilling the purpose of the overall information collected.

  • The firm never used the information for marketing purposes, never selling it to anyone for any other purposes.

  • The organization never supplies the information to any other organization except concerned governing migration authorities.

If anyone needs to update any of their personal information give us an email stating your personal reference confirming your details.

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