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Immigration Overseas is the leading service provider in the immigration industry domain which has been successfully carrying out immigration processes with a success rate of 99.2 %. Established in 2003, our firm has got the experience (of more than a decade) and professionalism that comes in handy while tackling the toughest of the migration profiles. This professionalism speaks itself in the form of total customer delight for the customers who are never complaining about any issue with Immigration Overseas. The repute held by our esteemed team of legal advisors is testified by the several accreditations that we have received in the form of Migrants Agents Registration Authority (MARA), Migration Institute of Australia (MIA), Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) & Bar Council of India (BCI).

Immigration for a layman composes of many legal formalities which are hard to comprehend. But this is not what immigration means totally, immigration is not just blatant following of legal formalities but it also means many preparations and pre-empted decisions that are needed to be done before you have migrated to your destination. For these preparations Immigration Overseas provides its customers with unique immigration client services that are specifically designed for making your travel a convenient affair. Some of which are even exclusively provided by our firm. A few of our client services have been mentioned below:

Visa Consultation: When you are with Immigration Overseas, one thing you can be assured of is that you will be provided with guidance and visa consultancy services at each and every step of your migration process. Consultation is really required because the customers aren’t aware about any of the know-how of the immigration process. To keep them on track with the whole process it is essential. You need to be cautious about the visa application, because any wrong representation of facts in the documents may lead to permanent denial of visa, to that person. Immigration Overseas, with its pool of skilled legal experts and consultants, who has been highly trained, before representing the client can offer assistance in every possible lacunae of the system, which may lead to a rejection of your visa.

Pre-Assessment: It is not possible for everyone to get what they want. Likewise it is not possible for everyone to immigrate because their application falls short of certain criterions resulting in less points and hence rejection of the application. These criterions are like educational qualification, age, financial condition and background, possession of a certain skill set and such others. A pre – assessment is conducted by us on our clients which helps us determine the prospects of a successful immigration. Our experts with experience of working in this domain for more than a decade are well-equipped to judge and analyze where things can go wrong, for your profile.

Documentation: The lack of proper documentation can cause the application of the immigration aspirant to be rejected, thereby shattering any hopes of immigration. The government authorities that cross check the documentations part are very stringent and straight away reject the application without any leniency. So it is essential that you double check your documentation part before filling your application. When you are with Immigration Overseas you don’t have to worry about it too, as our efficient and special team, only for documentation purpose, maintains your each and every document thereby taking out any chances of your application on the basis of insufficient documentation.

Post Landing Assistance: Carrying out the legal formalities associated with complex migration process is just a part of a bigger picture. What you will do when you arrive at the airport? Where will you reside? How will you open a bank account? Well, there are several such that are left unnoticed by several individuals. But when you are with Immigration Overseas we take care of all of these questions and several others which are covered under our Post landing services. Things such as medical insurance, ambulance membership, pre-arranged accommodation, airport pickup and such others are taken care of under our Post Landing Assistance. Our offices at Australia and Canada, always helps to address the issues, in a much better fashion.

Business-Plan: It is very crucial that the business plan you’re applying with for your immigration is really effectual, which can sustain itself in the foreign economy and further contribute to the economy of the overseas nation. If it is so then your application will be accepted in almost no time comparatively. The team of experts and immigration consultants for Canada at Immigration Overseas will help in preparing the best business plan for their customers which will assist them in getting a speedy application approval.

Resume-Writing Services: Are you a job seeker who is looking for a job which shall pay their employees with good salaries besides providing the best working conditions, then an overseas job is the best option for you. They give their employees the most competitive salaries in their respective domain that you might not find anywhere else. In order to get hired for such a lucrative job it is a pre-requisite that resume is striking and makes a mark at first view itself, in face of global competition. At Immigration Overseas we also take care of this issue as we provide cost effective resume writing services which will take care of your resume and help you save a lot of time along with visa consultancy time to time. The resume constructed should be crisp and to the point, without any irrelevant details.

Orientation Services: Any person who is emigrating isn’t already accustomed to the type of conditions he will be confronting in the foreign nation. There are several things you should know about before you make your immigration like where you can get affordable residence, cheap eateries, and hotspot shopping destinations, as when you will be in that country you shouldn’t be wasting your time in searching such things. Our orientation sessions at Immigration Overseas are conducted on our customers long before the commencement of migration so that they are made aware about all the essential things including apply for pre-assessment and other things they should know.

A detailed description for our each and every service has been provided in our site. Our client services are distinguishingly better than many of the services other firms provide. Get a free visa assessment today and become a name in the list of our successfully migrated clients.

Some Important points to note:

  • Our visa consultants offer face to face consultation would be provided to you at our office if you want to meet us in person, even when you apply online.

  • Each customers profile would be tried for every kind of visa variant portfolio.

  • Each and every query of the customer would be entertained and none of their queries would be left unsolved.

  • The family partners and dependants of the customer shall also be evaluated on a visa assessment.

  • The duration of the consultation varies depending upon the type of consultation the customer is being provided. 30 minutes in case of Skype or phone consultation and at least 1 hour when the consultation is on a face to face basis.

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