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Business visa is often issued to an alien who is seeking to migrate to a new country to do some business purpose. This visa class is often availed by businessman, investors or any other business representatives to exchange business needs. It is even availed by the migrants who are looking forward to either invest in the country of starting up a business in the country.


Migration Pool is a sub-venture of Immigration overseas offering ongoing visa service in an effort to clients’ worldwide. The organization is assisting aspirants globally readily offering them a visa for different countries.

We are a sub-venture of Immigration overseas, which is one of the leading immigration law firms qualifying towards a service scenario that is involving innovative processes that are working towards extending the dreams of clients’.

We are demonstrating a very comprehensive apply for the visa procedure offering scenario that is built on the pillars of:

  • Honesty

  • Excellence

  • Reliability

  • Expertise

Our online visa service trust circle involves several steps that include:

  • CASE EVALUATION: Under our service process the first step that governs the service scenario is the case evaluation of clients, ensuring that the case is on the client is eligible for the availing business visa.

  • OPERATION: After the evaluation, the working team starts the visa operation process that further invokes several steps-

  • Visa documentation

  • Filing up the application on part of the client

  • Offering legal assistance

  • Ensuring clear medical and criminal records

Migration pool visa facilitation service ensures that the clients’ are safe from any future hassle avoiding all the stress from the entire visa and migration case of clients’. We have expert immigration lawyers and business visa consultants who add level headed advantages in the service scenario of the organization forming a very benefitting service structure altogether.


Under our services we plan towards creating a very rich migrating network offering expert guidance and assistance, ensuring the clients’ get flawless visa for business and migrating platform.

Our add-on migration assistance includes:

  • Providing updated migration reports to clients’

  • Offering resume writing service

  • Arranging mock interviews

  • Representing the case in front of the concerned authorities

  • Visa consultation

  • Offering proper and required advice periodically

We aim towards helping you clearly understand the entire business visa process finding a secure migration gateway for you. We have a deep understanding of the requirement and migration criteria of yours and thus promises to extend lawful Australia business visa and Canada business visa altogether. Our team periodically communicates about your case in front of the governing officials relating your application and ensuring that you achieve your visa in a short span of time satisfying long term migration needs. Migration Pool takes up all the pressure and stress that the process involves creatively doing towards the migration dreams of clients’ global. Our business visa to Australia and business visa for Canada practices have added unique benchmark in the visa service industry, adding extra added points on the part of the organization claiming towards a reputed name and fame in the visa and the migration industry at global level.

PLEASE NOTE: Migration Pool is solely working on the footprints of Immigration Overseas we do not submit any visa application that is intended to be fraudulent at any step. We ensure that we take up cases that are genuinely making a better service network. We advise all the interested migrants not to apply for a visa if their intentions are not genuine. Any fraud documentation at any step will lead to rejection of visa and even blacklisting you from entering the country by the governing consulate or Embassy of that particular country.

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