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Dependent visa is a visa category that is often availed by the migrant who has a dependency on that particular country. Under this visa class the migrant can stay with their husband, wife or family members in that country of which he or she is a permanent citizen.

You can bring your family or join your family for temporarily studying in the country under this visa category. The migrant can “sponsor” any permanent resident of the country to apply for dependent visa class and migrate to the country.


Migration pool offers dependent visas to clients’ who are looking to join their family or spouse or children in any country. We offer legal standing to the clients’ handling the entire visa process activity in a very organized and often friendly way.

Under our service thread we offer process steps that include:

  • Detailed assessment of the case of clients

  • Pre-assessment ensuring that the documents are correct

  • Complete documentation of the entire visa process

  • Submission and completion of the entire process on behalf of the client

  • Representing the case of clients’ in front of the governing bodies

Migration pool entire process is very comprehensive, assisting clients’ at every step. There is always an exception linked to availing visa for dependent and the migrant needs to show proper funds and other proofs in order to migrate easily to a new destination under the visa class for dependents. We offer possible assistance that is best in the industry effectively adding great advantage of part of the clients’.


Migration pool is geared towards meeting the demands of the clients’ offering effective and tailor made services to them at every governing step.

Under our organization, we have immigration lawyers and dependent visa consultants who with their proven experience soak deep rooted client-service seeds solving all the related issues the links the entire migration process. Our services range from offering:

  • Resume writing service

  • Visa consultation

  • Pre and post landing assistance

Migration Pool is an enterprise of Immigration overseas extending greatly the vision of Immigration overseas. Under our services we are offering all the affluent dependent visa Australia services along with expertise in visa for Canada, that Immigration overseas is specialized in offering to its clients’ along with great representation. We possess high immigration service standards with advanced knowledge in the migration domain encrypting service methods that acquire great professional and friendly service arm, taking care of the confidentiality of the clients’ migration case. The visa procedure that we extend assures great success at the end of the service procedure. Applications for dependent visa under the service spectrum of Migration Pool and you will surely get a whole new and often transforming migration service scenario.

PLEASE NOTE: Migration Pool is solely working on the footprints of Immigration Overseas we do not submit any visa application that is intended to be fraudulent at any step. We ensure that we take up cases that are genuinely making a better service network. We advise all the interested migrants not to apply for a visa if their intentions are not genuine. Any fraud documentation at any step will lead to rejection of visa and even blacklisting you from entering the country by the governing consulate or Embassy of that particular country.

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