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The permanent residency visa is often offered to the non-resident citizens of any country seeking to migrate and live permanently in the country. A migrant holding permanent visa is liable to study, work and grow in the country without any restriction. Migrant who gets a permanent visa for residency can avail all the citizen benefits of that country enjoying all the rights and responsibilities.

Permanent residency is issued by the governing immigration bodies of any country that the migrant is looking to migrate taking care of the safety and security of the country as well as its citizens.


Migration pool is expertise is extending visa for permanent residency to the willing migrants who are dreaming to settle down in a new destination in any other part of the world.

Our client services are:

  • Advise on the migration case of clients’

  • Filing up the application on behalf of the clients’

  • Offering documentation service to the clients’

  • Assistance on criminal and medical health record

  • Representation of the entire case in front of immigration bodies


Migration Pool being a sub-venture of Immigration overseas offers all the pin pointed services and migration assistance that include:

  • Offering mock-interview sessions

  • Pre and post landing services

  • Resume writing service

  • Medical insurance facility

  • Job assistance

  • Accommodation assistance

We advise our clients’ about the best permanent residency visa and migration strategy that effectively adds up great success rate in the migration case of clients’ keeping the case away from the rejections. Migration Pool holds strong expertise in dealing with the permanent visa case of clients’ ensuring affluent expert assistance at every step. We are registered under ICCRC and CRCIC thus guiding individuals about their migration dream providing great freedom of focus, creating excitement about the entire migration procedure of the client. We prepare cases for the clients’ under the complete guidance and expert assistance of immigration lawyers making the entire process fast and often easy.

Migration pool through its affluent service approach is reaching out to a larger ground of migrants all round the globe creating a great migration service network globally. The visa services that we offer in an Australian permanent residency field is highly coveted that has added a great benchmark in the services of the organization. The enterprise, even expertise in offering permanent residency for Canada with zero rejections by the migration authorities, adding level headed advantages on the part of the clients’ and thus benefitting the firm at every point making it reach out to a huge clientele worldwide.

PLEASE NOTE:Migration Pool is solely working on the footprints of Immigration Overseas we do not submit any visa application that is intended to be fraudulent at any step. We ensure that we take up cases that are genuinely making a better service network. Migration Pool advice all the interested migrants not to apply for a visa if their intentions are not genuine. Any fraud documentation at any step will lead to rejection of visa and even blacklisting you from entering the country by the governing consulate or Embassy of that particular country.

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