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The student visa is a special visa or endorsement that is availed by the migrants or students who are qualified in the educational institution of the country. Student visas are a non-immigrant visa type that is often given temporary period of time to the students and is valid till the completion of the course.


Any perspective student who is willing to study in another country is liable to avail student visa for that country.

There are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled to avail student visa:

  • The student is offered course by any institution of that country

  • Can show enough funds to live and study in the country

  • Able to read, write and speak English


Migration pool has been offering visa for study to aspiring migrants who are looking forward to migrate and study in a different country. We extend a very effective and often hassle-free service network, allowing the clients’ to easily avail student visa.

Our working includes:

  • Pre-assessment of the migration case

  • Proper visa consultation

  • Complete documentation assistance

  • Advice on filling up the case

  • Visa application preparation and submission

Other services include:

  • Time-to-time case updating

  • Advice on health and criminal clearance

  • Advice on proper funds

  • Interview preparation service

  • Reviewing the entire case

Through the study visa for Australia and study visa for Canada services under Migration pool clients’ are getting great career growth extending better quality of life after migration. We through the string of our strong legal assistants are extending bright future of the clients’ in the destination country. Under our service network, we have immigration experts and lawyers who possess deep expertise and knowledge in the migration domain extending industry-best practices to the clients’ making them happy about their entire migration scenario.

At Migration Pool we have sufficient and often skilled team of professionals followed by top consultants who extends highly profound service scenario to the clients’ greatly. Our study visa services are not only effective in terms of the entire hassle-free procedure that it involves but are even highly cost–effective making the clients’ feel happy at the overall migration process. We are largely operating services for clients’ from every industrial domain establishing a very strong expertise of our services all round the globe and thus holding strong and often established reputation in the immigration and visa service industry.

PLEASE NOTE : Migration Pool is solely working on the footprints of Immigration Overseas we do not submit any visa application that is intended to be fraudulent at any step. We ensure that we take up cases that are genuinely making a better service network. Migration Pool advice all the interested migrants not to apply for a visa if their intentions are not genuine. Any fraud documentation at any step will lead to rejection of visa and even blacklisting you from entering the country by the governing consulate or Embassy of that particular country.

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