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Australia has acquired a special status in world as the hub of natural wonders. The deserts, the beaches and the wide open spaces are all part of Australia. Australia being a developed nation has some of the top of the class urbanized cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Today Australia has emerged as a leading choice for travelers. Feel the cool breeze at the Bondi beach or witness the beauty of nature at the Great Barrier Reef there are a lot of things to do while you are in Australia. For a life time of an experience visit Australia.


Canada is a wealthy nation which offers high living standards to its people. Being the second largest country in the world Canada and with only about 31 millions occupants, Canada has a very low population density. Filled with variety of scopes in the fields of education, hospitality, oil industry, IT, and others Canada offers huge job prospects for its migrant population. Canada is home to places like The Niagara Falls, Churchill (the famous Northern lights or the Aurora Borealis can be seen here), and several others.


People’s Republic of China is a unique blend of antiquity and modernization. They have changed with the modern times but that doesn’t mean that they forgotten their ancient methods and customs. One can experience both the modern and the ancient aspect, bound to make a mesmerizing view. China being the fastest growing economy of the world attracts huge expat population. This can be witnessed in the increase in the overseas jobs ratio of China. While in China do visit of its revitalizing sites like the Terracotta Warriors, The Forbidden City or The Great Wall.


Denmark is a very lively nation that provides the most luxurious life experiences to its people. The Danes are known to be the happiest people in the world. Those who reside in Denmark are accustomed to better government facilities, better education facilities, better health care system and lifestyle without any restriction. With places to visit like Viking Ship Museum of Roskilde, Copenhagen City and many others Denmark will truly be a memorable experience for you.


Hong Kong is a peaceful yet lively city which is often regarded as a shopping paradise, with things to buy ranging from sharp kitchen knives to high tech gadgets. The cuisines that you will be served in Hong Kong are basically drawn from Cantonese, Vietnamese, Shanghainese, Japanese, French and Italian cultures. Watch the cultural vivacity of this amazing city in its theatres and concert halls. Places to visit while in Hong Kong are Hong Kong Park, Mai Po Nature Reserve and Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple.


India is the nation where cultural diversity can be seen at its best. Incredible India is what they say, and that indeed is true enough. Packed with a whole lot of amazing adventurous, feel the spirit of peace at the backwaters of Kerala, or the feel of love at the Taj Mahal, or get thrilled with the nightlife of Mumbai, or enjoy the snow fest in Ladakh, there is a lot to do when you are in India. The Indian Cuisine today can be found anywhere in the world because of the presence of Indians around the globe, but its true flavor can only be tasted in India.


New Zealand or the Kiwi nation is the country which is known because of its incessant natural beauty. Rolling pasture land, scenic beaches, jagged mountains, steep fiords, raging rivers, pristine trout-filled lakes and active volcanic zones are all part of its natural splendor. New Zealand has also become a centre point of attraction for wildlife enthusiasts as it has the most distinctive forms of wildlife present in there. Blue Lakes, Abel Tasman National Park and Lake Tekapo are some of the places that you should definitely visit in New Zealand.


Norway or the Land of the Midnight Sun in often regarded as a once in a lifetime destination. The country is also famous for the Northern Lights which are also known as the Aurora Borealis. Norwegian education system is valued all across the globe and their credentials are respected in the market. While in Norway you are open to the possibility of white water rafting, viewing the northern lights, skiing, climbing and various other adventure sporting.


Blended with the unique cultural mix of Indian, Chinese, Malay and Western nations, Singapore has got a lot to offer more than you have imagined. Most famous for its mouthwatering food, the Singaporean food delight can be tasted throughout the nation. Submerge yourself in the flavors exotic cuisines discover this incredible land. While in the Lion City places to visit are Singapore Zoo, Smith Street hawker Stalls and Singapore River Cruises.


The Schengen Area is basically the group of twenty-six European countries who have signed the Schengen Agreement. Many European countries are not part of the Schengen area. While many Schengen countries are not part of the European Union. The countries which are under the Schengen area are Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, France, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, The Netherlands, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden and Slovakia.


South Africa is the place where you can see the unique mix of wildlife, culture and beautiful landscapes. The variety of flora and fauna found there are in abundance. Kalahari Desert, Kruger’s national park, table mountain and cape point are some of its place where wildlife can be seen at its best. If you want to take a view at its vivacious city life then you should definitely visit cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town. The night life in the clubs in these cities is no less than any other city. Some of the places to visit are Boschendal – to drink and dine, monk’s cowl, Kruger and Swazi Overland. One thing not to be missed is the Cape Town helicopter tour.


UAE, in the present day has become one of the most modern cities of the world. Housing many of unique man made wonders like the Burj Khalifa – highest building in the world, the astonishing Palm Jumeirah, and the Bastakiya Quarter, Dubai truly makes for a once in a life time experience. While in Dubai take the adventure of the Dubai Desert Safari. There really are no words to describe the beauty of this spectacular city.


UK is the iconic country with things like Buckingham Palace, The Beatles, Manchester United and Tower Bridge registered to its fame. One of the best countries to migrate in UK offers the best packages in the industry to its skilled migrants. UK has long stood to its titles of leader in the education domain, and it still stands true to it. The architecture of buildings here often makes one nostalgic with the old times. While in UK places to visit are The British Museum, Brighton Pier, and the Norfolk Broads.


USA as we all know is the super power that composes of intelligence, power, magnificence and immigrants. Being in this country is everybody’s dream. USA is the hotspot destination for career enthusiast, business enthusiasts, and workers alike. The large emigrant population has altered the culture of the United States of America. If in USA then places to visit are The Statue of Liberty, The Everglades and Graceland.